Natasha Terinova
Natasha Terinova
Program Director

Natasha is a director at REACH UK/ Second Century ventures, and is laser focused on helping top technology companies to grow in the real estate market by providing opportunities to increase their exposure and customer base. She is responsible for the REACH UK programme, identifying top investment opportunities in the UK and Europe as well as working with other REACH / SCV regions contributing to the global positioning of REACH / SCV. Natasha brings over a decade of experience ranging from corporate partnerships to running and scaling innovative high growth companies focused on environmental sustainability. She spent 5 years in cleantech, running and advising global Mobility as a Service startups in the UK and internationally. She has also worked with large UK companies on delivering bespoke programmes such as London City Airport’s Sustainable Plastic Challenge. Natasha has identified numerous opportunities for the real estate sector to diversify and modernise, embracing future trends through cross sector collaboration via partnerships such as Green Angel Syndicate, Green Building Council, to name a few. Natasha is a board advisor of ProptechForGood, an active part of Tech London Advocates Network, sustainability ambassador for TableCrowd and holds an MBA from Kent Business School.

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