James Pellatt
James Pellatt
Director of Workplace and Innovation
Great Portland Estates

James PellattJames is Director of Workplace and Innovation at Great Portland Estates plc. Since January 2018 his role is challenge the content and design of our workplaces in order to ensure that they stay ahead of occupier needs. He is responsible for implementing the companies innovation strategy built around a vision of continuous innovation to enhance the occupiers workplace experience. This involves digitizing the business, implementing technology, managing data to improve theexperience of GPE’s occupiers. His role is to pick the best pieces of innovation and technology, together with workplace trends to create workspace that allows users to thrive.Recent examples are the worlds first Platinum SmartScore building The Hickman,it’s flex space at Dufours Place and Hanover Square a global headquarters in London’s West End. This diverse range of buildings allows GPE a broad understanding of today’s occupier market as well as latest technology.

Email: james.pellatt@gpe.co.uk
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